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Le nombre maximal de places dans l'amphithéâtre Palissy étant atteint, les inscriptions sont closes.

Il est encore possible de soumettre une proposition de poster. Consulter le menue "Appel à poster".

Inscriptions are closed, because the maximum number of available places in Palissy amphitheater has been reached.

It is still possible to propose a poster. See the menu "Poster presentation".

Scope and objectives

This symposium will bring together scientific communities working in the areas of industrial, nuclear and cultural heritage glasses (museums objects, stained glass windows). Two major themes, essential for the advancement of historic glass research, will be covered : the mechanisms of glass degradation in atmosphere and the studies on conservation of these altered glasses. If the glass degradation in liquid phase has been widely studied for decades, the glass degradation in atmosphere is not as well known. However, the understanding of the mechanisms involved in these processes is fundamental to propose effective and long term solutions for the conservation of the altered glasses, whose representativeness is important within the Cultural Heritage.


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