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Scope and objectives

An international symposium on glass degradation in atmospheric condition will be held at the Center for Research and Restoration of the French Museums (C2RMF) in Paris on November 15, 16 and 17, 2017. This symposium is organized by the research group working on glass of the team “Physical chemistry of materials witnessing history” (PCMTH) of the Institute of Research of Chimie Paris (CNRS UMR 8247). It is supported by the French Ministry of Culture (MCC – DGP and DREST), the C2RMF, the Foundation of the Cultural Heritage Science (FSP), the Atomic Energy Center (CEA Marcoule), PSL Research University, the Institute of Research of Chimie Paris (IRCP), the Research laboratory of the Historical Monuments (LRMH-CRC, USR 3224), the National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS) and Chimie Paristech.
This symposium will bring together scientific communities working in the areas of industrial, nuclear and cultural heritage glasses (museums objects, stained glass windows). Two major themes, essential for the advancement of historic glass research, will be covered: the mechanisms of glass degradation in atmosphere and the studies on conservation of these altered glasses. If the glass degradation in liquid phase has been widely studied for decades, the glass degradation in atmosphere is not as well known. However, the understanding of the mechanisms involved in these processes is fundamental to propose effective and long term solutions for the conservation of the altered glasses, whose representativeness is important within the Cultural Heritage.

The meeting of the best specialists in very different areas will enrich our knowledge of these complex processes of glass degradation in atmosphere and will help to draw the future lines of research for the conservation and restoration of art works made of glass. Publication of the proceedings in October 2018 will provide knowledge dissemination to scientists, curators and conservators concerned by this subject.
You will find all information about the organization of the symposium on this website. The registrations will be open online from 15 May 2017.